We will carry out a detailed census analysis programme based on Census 2021 data from England and Wales. Alongside the production of facts and figures about the population, the programme will aim to produce statistics that shine a light on public policy issues. The programme will include a wide range of topics, covering a diverse set of sub-populations. This will provide insight into the data, help users to better understand their community’s needs and inform decisions on future policy and services.

Census 2021 analysis proposals

We have grouped our proposals for Census 2021 analysis by topic. Each topic outlines the type of analysis we plan to do, the purpose of this research, and an indication of when it will be published.

Proposed analysis release schedule

We aim to release the first results for Census 2021 data on the population of England and Wales in late Spring 2022, and to publish all other main Census 2021 data and analysis within two years of census. Beyond March 2023, we plan to being publishing UK data and linked analysis. These plans are detailed in our release plans webpages.

By releasing analysis in phases, we can publish important, less detailed commentary at a national level, while continuing to work on further, more detailed analysis and reports. The exact timing of analysis releases will depend on the processing and quality assurance of census data.

During the first three phases of our release plans, Census 2021 commentary and analysis will focus on the data provided in our univariate and multivariate tables, based on the usual resident population. This analysis will aim to meet the analytical commitments made in the December 2018 Census White Paper that require only census data. Later analysis will include detailed analytical topic and policy reports on small populations and alternative population bases.

Beyond March 2023, we will focus on more complex projects that require linking or comparing Census 2021 data with other data sources. For example, Scotland’s Census 2022 data, previous censuses as part of the Office for National Statistics’ Longitudinal Study, or with other government surveys and administrative sources. This will mean that we can work on new and innovative analysis to develop detailed insights into the characteristics of communities and inform future policy and service delivery.

More information

To find out more about our Census 2021 analysis plans, email us at census.analysis@ons.gov.uk.