In this section

  • Life expectancy factors and indicators of the health of the elderly in the UK. Statistics to help us understand the needs of an ageing population.

  • Childbearing, conceptions, births and abortions in the UK. Statistics on average family size and maternity trends among women, by age and area.

  • Deaths broken down by age, sex, area and cause of death.

  • Divorces including same- and opposite-sex marriages, sex and age of people divorcing, children of divorced couples and previous marital status.

  • Number and type of families and households including young adults living with their parents, lone parents, cohabiting couples, multi-generational households and people living alone.

  • How long, on average, people can expect to live using estimates of the population and the number of deaths.

  • Live births by age, sex, marital status, country of birth, socio-economic status, previous children and UK area of parent. Also includes trends in baby names.

  • Marriages and civil partnerships formed and dissolved, and estimates of the population by marital status and living arrangements.

  • Stillbirths including cause of death and sex, and analyses by some of the main risk factors affecting stillbirths, including parent age and birthweight.