These plans detail the analysis we aim to publish about housing in the first year of the Census 2021 analysis programme, and the proposals we are considering publishing in following years. We will provide updates to these plans after user feedback and further research and testing of the data. We will provide article publication dates on the release calendar in "Upcoming releases". We intend to confirm publication releases four weeks before publication. We started publishing these articles at the end of January 2023. We will update this page with links to articles when they are published.

Analysis reports in 2023


This analysis will provide an overview of the Census 2021 data on housing, for dwellings at the national level for England and Wales, providing simple descriptive statistics. Where appropriate, it will also compare Census 2021 data with the 2011 Census to find trends and changes across the two nations. We will re-release this analysis once census data from Northern Ireland and Scotland are available, to provide a UK-wide perspective.

Household characteristics by tenure

This analysis will look at variations in household and housing characteristics by tenure, by local authority in England and Wales. Household characteristics could include:

  • household size

  • household composition

  • multi-generational households

  • Housing tenure by the household combination characteristics could include:

  • age

  • ethnicity

  • religion

  • economic activity

Overcrowding and under-occupancy by tenure and household characteristics

This analysis will look at the variations in household overcrowding and under-occupancy, using the bedroom standard for households across English and Welsh local authority districts by tenure.

Number of vacant and second homes

This analysis will focus on the number of vacant and second homes with no usual residents in England and Wales, by local authority districts. It will provide a brief descriptive analysis of the properties that are used as second homes. It will also look at the distribution of holiday homes, including those within Welsh-speaking communities.

Proposed publications for 2024 and beyond

Trends in households by type of accommodation

This analysis will find changes in the type of accommodation where households live by local authority, between 2011 and 2021. It will look at the age of properties and whether households in newer-built properties experience different standards of accommodation compared with those in older properties. This research could also include analysis on floor space and provide some descriptive analysis of the demographics of those households living in more recently built homes.

Energy efficiency and trends in fuel type used for central heating of homes

This analysis will focus on the type of central heating used and overall energy efficiency of housing at different subnational geographical levels. Aspects of energy efficiency it might consider, include:

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating

  • type of central heating (fuel)

  • presence of renewables and energy efficiency improvement measures

  • EPC data will provide this information.

The analysis aims to include property characteristics, such as:

  • type of accommodation

  • age of property, from Valuation Office Agency (VOA) property attributes

  • tenure

  • number of bedrooms

  • floor space, using VOA property attributes and EPC data

Floor space available for households by property characteristics

This analysis will look at variations in floor space for households by geographical area, broken down by property characteristics. These characteristics could include type of accommodation, tenure and floor space per person. We are exploring ways to produce a measure of floor space, using administrative data from VOA property attributes data and EPC data.

Property characteristics by tenure

This analysis will look at the differences in property characteristics by tenure, across English and Welsh subnational geographies. Such characteristics could include:

  • type of accommodation

  • number of rooms

  • age of property

Non-cohabitation ownership rates by sex

This analysis will look at home ownership rates for single-adult occupancy of a property by sex. It aims to produce insights into whether there is a difference in the ability for people to own their property. The analysis will also look at changes that have occurred since the 2011 Census.

Life in high-rise tower blocks

This analysis will look at the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of those living in high-rise tower blocks. It will include a focus on living conditions such as overcrowding, health and education.

More information

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