These plans detail the analysis we plan to publish on the topic of ageing in the first year of the Census 2021 analysis programme, and the proposals we are considering publishing in following years. We will provide updates to these plans resulting from user feedback, and further research and testing of the data. We will provide article publication dates on the release calendar in "Upcoming releases". We intend to confirm publication releases four weeks before publication. We will update this page with links to articles when they are published.

Publications in 2023

Profile of the older population living in England and Wales in 2021 and changes since 2011
Article | Published 3 April 2023
Overview of the characteristics of the population aged 65 years and over in 2021 including legal partnership status, living arrangements, ethnicity, religion, health, disability and caring status, and main changes since 2011.

Centenarians living in England and Wales in 2021  
Article | Published 18 September 2023 
A high-level picture of the centenarian population living in England and Wales in 2021 and their characteristics.

Older people living in care homes analysis

This analysis will provide an overview of the numbers and changes over time of older people living in care homes in England and Wales and the regions in 2021. We will also examine characteristics of the older care home resident population.

Proposed publications for 2024

Inequalities at older ages, local variations, and changes over time

This analysis will identify differences at older ages in measures including health, disability, and tenure by characteristics including sex and ethnicity and examine whether differences have increased or decreased over time. Differences across localities will also be examined.

More information

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