These plans detail the analysis we aim to publish on the topic of travel to work in the first year of the Census 2021 analysis programme, and the proposals we are considering publishing in following years. We will provide updates to these plans after user feedback and further research and testing of the data. We will provide article publication dates on the release calendar in "Upcoming releases". We intend to confirm publication releases four weeks before publication. We will update this page with links to articles when they are published. 

Publications in 2023

Towns and cities, characteristics of built-up areas, England and Wales: Census 2021
Article | Published 2 August 2023
Characteristics of built-up areas (BUAs) in England (excluding London) and Wales. Characteristics include age and sex, country of birth, housing, qualifications and employment.

Coastal communities

This analysis will compare the characteristics of coastal communities with non-coastal areas in England and Wales, with a focus on built up area geographies (BUAs). Topics will include population structure, jobs, health and second homes.

Comparing rural and urban areas

This analysis will compare characteristics of rural and urban areas in England and Wales, and looking across topics focusing on jobs, health and population.

More information

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