Estimates of the Very Old (including Centenarians): 2002 to 2016

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  • The population aged 90 and over has grown more rapidly than younger ages in recent years but it remains a small part of the total UK population.
  • Historical birth patterns, which resulted in rapid ageing and growth of the aged 90 and over population in recent years, have now largely played out and ageing and growth have returned to a longer-term average.
  • The proportion of men in the population aged 90 and over continues to rise.
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  • Changes in the Older Resident Care Home Population between 2001 and 2011

    This analysis focuses on changes in the resident care home population aged 65 and over. This population has remained almost stable since 2001 with an increase of just 0.3%, despite growth of 11% in the overall population aged over 65. Fewer women but more men, aged 65 and over, were living as residents of care homes in 2011 compared with 2001.

  • What does the 2011 Census tell us about older people

    We take a look at older people aged 65 and over in England and Wales. Analysis includes marital status, living arrangements, housing tenure, economic activity and general health and provision of unpaid care. In 2011, 9.2 million residents were aged 65 and over, an increase of almost 1 million from 2001 with 8.3 million. Results show that just 50% of those aged over 65 reported their health to be “very good” or “good”, compared with 88% of the rest of the population.

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