Census maps is an interactive tool to explore Census 2021 data across England and Wales for different topics down to a neighbourhood level.

Census maps can help you to:

You can also go straight to the Census maps page and make your selections there.

The maps were first published on 2 November 2022 with data from Census 2021 covering age, sex, household composition, and migration in England and Wales.

They were updated on 29 November 2022 with data on ethnic group, national identity, language, religion and UK armed forces veterans. They will be updated again when further Census 2021 data are released. See our release plans for Census 2021 topics.

Using the data and maps

You can read more about Census maps and how to use it in this accompanying blog post.

Datasets used in the map are available with the topic summaries for demography and migration, UK armed forces veterans and ethnic group, national identity, language and religion.

You can embed your customised map into your website by selecting "embed this map" and pasting the link into your content management system as an iframe.

Get detailed information about the variables, definitions and classifications from the Census 2021 dictionary.

About the data

Data in Census Maps are available at different levels of geography for England and Wales, including local authority areas and neighbourhoods.

The most local available geographies for the majority of topics are Output Areas of between 100 and 625 usual residents.

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