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Topic summaries

A topic summary is a set of data and supporting information, grouped by a similar theme. The majority of the datasets that we will release as part of each topic summary will contain data about just one variable.  

The following pages will be updated with the relevant data and supporting information when that topic summary is published. Check the release calendar to learn more about publication dates.

Proposed topic summaries in publication order are:  

The order has changed slightly from our initial response to the Census 2021 Outputs consultation. As our timetable is planned around user need, it is and will remain subject to change. In accordance with the Code of Practice for Statistics, we will confirm final publication dates on the release calendar four weeks in advance, where possible.

Each of these datasets will contain information about the usual resident population of England and Wales. These datasets will not contain totals or subtotals.  

Initially, we aim to make the topic summary datasets available down to Output Area (OA) level where statistical disclosure control allows. As soon as it is practical, we plan to provide these datasets for other geographies, using the OA best-fit approach. Output Areas are the smallest geography for which we will make the standard outputs available. These are generally around 100 households in size.

Area profiles

Area profiles allow users to view statistics from across different topics for a particular area. These also allow users to compare local statistics for an area against national statistics.

We have created these dynamic area profiles using data from the topic summaries. As we release more data from the topic summaries over time, the area profiles will develop to allow users to view more statistics for a particular area.

Area profiles will be available for a range of area types over time. You can view area profiles on the Nomis website.

The variables and classifications to be included

We have detailed the variables and classifications we plan to include in the topic summaries in the corresponding tabs of the Topic summaries specifications spreadsheet

Where to find the data

We will publish topic summary datasets on the ONS website. Topic summary datasets will also be available from the Nomis website.

More information

If you need more information about our plans for Census 2021 topic summaries and area profiles, please contact us at

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