Get data by different area types, for example your neighbourhood, ward or parish by using our tool to build a custom area profile.

You can:

  • find an area by name or postcode
  • draw your own area on a map
  • choose different topics from Census 2021 data
  • save the area you have drawn to use again
  • export your area profile as an image or spreadsheet (CSV)
  • add your profile to a website

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How to build a custom area profile

Read our guidance about some of the ways you can build a custom area profile in our blog on ONS Digital.

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About the data

Build a custom area profile uses Census 2021 data from Nomis, an Office for National Statistics (ONS) service. Find all the data by visiting the Nomis website.

The data and boundaries displayed in these profiles are aggregated from small areas on a best-fit basis, and therefore may differ slightly from other sources. Values may vary slightly from other published Census 2021 statistics because the "cell-key method" adds a small amount of noise to some cells in published datasets to protect against disclosure by differencing. Our Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) for 2021 UK Census (Word, 257KB). report sets out the strategies used to lower the risk of disclosure.

You can get the geography data used in this tool, including Output Area boundaries and lookup tables, on the ONS Open Geography Portal.

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