• sample size of approximately 30,000 businesses
  • measures turnover, export turnover, new orders, export new orders on a monthly basis and the number of employees on a quarterly basis
  • figures available from 1998 for production and 2001 for services

The Monthly Business Survey (MBS) collects turnover, new orders and employment information from production industries (UK), and services industries (Great Britain).

Monthly turnover results give an early indication of what is happening in the economy and contribute to a number of important economic measures, such as the Index of Production (IoP) and the Index of Services (IoS). This information is widely used by the Bank of England and HM Treasury (HMT) to monitor and forecast economic growth and to inform vital policy decisions.

Employment information is collected via the MBS on a quarterly basis and is fed into other ONS publications.

This report relates mainly to current price, unadjusted turnover statistics produced by the MBS. Figures are collected from sampled companies and industry estimates are calculated using known information about the sample compared to the population.

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