The Secure Research Service (SRS) is our facility for providing secure access to sensitive detailed data. We provide access for Approved Researchers working on defined and approved projects, which serve the public good. SRS data can’t be downloaded, but users can access the data at their desk if they are part of a government organisation (subject to connection criteria being met), or in an Office for National Statistics (ONS) approved Safe Setting if not. Safe Settings are located at our offices in London, Newport (Gwent), Titchfield as well as locations in Belfast and Glasgow.

Our procedures mean that analysis results don’t disclose sensitive information. The SRS operates within a legal framework and there are penalties for breaking these rules.

What data are available?

The SRS provides secure access for Approved Researchers to the following data:

  • business survey data, such as Business Structure, Annual Business Survey, Innovation Survey, Foreign Investment and Employment and Skills, Employee Relations

  • earnings data, such as Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings and Occupational Pension Scheme Survey

  • census sample microdata and Longitudinal Study

  • social surveys, such as Labour Force Survey, General Lifestyle Survey and Living Costs and Food Survey

For more information and how to apply to use the SRS

To find out more about how to become an Approved Researcher and access the SRS, please visit our Approved Researcher Scheme pages.


Phone: +44 (0)1329 447871

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