The Monthly Business Survey (MBS) collects information which contributes to the Index of Production (IOP) and the Index of Services (IOS). The IOP and IOS show changes in production and service sector outputs and are a key measure of these industries’ contribution to the economy.

The results also contribute to the calculation of UK GDP. UK GDP is a key economic measure used by the Bank of England and HM Treasury to monitor and forecast economic growth and to inform vital policy decisions.

From a business perspective, they provide a vital source of information for identifying trends in the market, as a benchmark for company performance and as a guide to market developments.

The survey also monitors trends in employment on a quarterly basis.


Selection criteria: UK trading businesses registered for VAT and/or PAYE

Population: approximately 1,450,000

Sample size: approximately 32,000

Frequency: monthly

Dispatch date: 23rd (for example, questionnaire for May dispatched 23 May)

Return-by date: 7th (for example, questionnaire for May required by 7 June)

Please note that the dispatch and return-by dates are a guide, they are subject to change due to national holidays and weekends.