• measures the number of jobs in the UK

  • sample size of 83,400 (short term employer surveys (STES) 32,800 businesses, the quarterly public sector employment survey (QPSES) 1,500 contributors and the labour force survey (LFS) 50,000 households)

  • estimates are seasonally adjusted

  • time series data are available from 1959

Workforce jobs is a quarterly measure of jobs in the UK, and is the preferred measure of short term employment change by industry. A variety of outputs are produced, including industry, region, gender and full or part time status.

The number of jobs measured are the sum of employee jobs, self-employment jobs, government supported trainees and Her Majesty’s Forces.

The estimates are compiled from a number of sources, including Short Term Employer Surveys (STES), the Quarterly Public Sector Employment Survey (QPSES) and the Labour Force Survey (LFS).

Workforce jobs estimates are published in the Labour Market statistical bulletin.

The data are used across government to facilitate policy making, business and academia, with the main users being HM Treasury (HMT), the Bank of England, the Department for Education and Eurostat.

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