• Information and frequently asked questions about the 2011 area classifications.

  • Access to downloadable files or external links to data forming the 2011 Area Classifications, including 2011 Census Data, Cluster Membership and Distance from Centroids.

  • Downloadable maps and links to interactive maps for the 2011 Area Classifications.

  • Details of the methodology and 2011 Census variables used for the 2011 Area Classifications.

  • Pen portraits describe the clusters that make up the 2011 Area Classifications. They provide an informal view of the characteristics of each Supergroup, Group and Subgroup.

Area classifications for Great Britain have been produced after every census since 1971 and as of the 2001 Census, they have been extended to cover the whole UK.

Using socio-economic and demographic data from each census, they aim to identify areas of the country with similar characteristics.

This information is useful to many groups, including government departments, local authorities, health authorities and academics.

Possible applications include demonstrating broad geographic patterns, categorising data for further analysis, identifying similar areas for comparative studies and providing information for marketing purposes.