• Our research into the potential use of administrative data and surveys to produce population, household and characteristics information currently provided by a census.

  • ONS's answers to some of the more commonly asked questions around Administrative Data Census Research Outputs.

  • See ONS's annual assessment of our ability to replicate census-type information by using administrative data, and to move to an Administrative Data Census.

  • Information on data sources used in the Administrative Data Census Research Outputs.

  • See reports explaining how we’re developing our Administrative Data Census methodologies.

  • Contains a comprehensive list of descriptions for the names and terms used in ONS's Administrative Data Census Research Outputs.

ONS’s Administrative Data Census Project was set up to assess whether the Government’s stated ambition that ‘censuses after 2021 be conducted using other sources of data’ can be realised.

Ambition to meet users’ needs

We are aiming to replicate the type of information collected through a census by using the administrative data already held by government, supplemented by surveys. Our goal is to compare statistical outputs based on administrative data and surveys with 2021 Census data, to show that this alternative can meet users’ needs with high quality information at a lower cost, and more frequently.