Our goal is to deliver more frequent, inclusive, and responsive statistics with an improved level of flexibility that will allow us to respond to changes in society, now and in the future. 

On this page you can access all the research outputs we have published on our journey to transform the way we produce population and migration statistics for England and Wales.  

Transformation of the population and migration statistics system 


Our overview describes how our feasibility research demonstrates what users could expect from a new population and migration statistics system. This is supported by a series of local authority case studies and a topic guide to show how outputs can be used to understand population and population change to inform decision making.


27 June 2023 - Admin-based population estimates: updated estimates for local authorities in England and Wales, 2021 to 2022 

27 June 2023 - Case studies for the population and migration statistics transformation in England and Wales: 2023 

26 June 2023 - Population and migration statistics transformation in England and Wales, research overview 2023 

26 June 2023 - Population and migration statistics transformation in England and Wales, technical topic guide 2023 

26 June 2023 - Population and migration statistics transformation in England and Wales, population characteristics update 2023

Topic research

There are some topics we have not yet produced proof of concepts for, we outline what our approach is for meeting our core user needs in the future.

This has been split into five main types of information.  

Population and migration statistics  

A coherent suite of population and migration statistics, from national to local level. 

Population sub-groups and characteristics   

Statistics on the characteristics of the population, including multivariate statistics that reflect the diversity of population at local levels.  

Households and living arrangements  

Statistics on housing stock, household size, type, and composition. Understanding the living conditions of households, how households are composed and how people live together in our society. 

Housing and housing characteristics  

We are researching the feasibility of combining administrative data and surveys to produce census-likes statistics about households and families. 

Longitudinal analysis and outcomes  

Longitudinal analysis of life-journeys and outcomes for different population groups.  


Some of these are not official statistics and should not be used for policy- or decision-making. They are published as research into a method that is different to that currently used for producing population and migration statistics. We advise caution when using the data. 

You can also read our progress updates and Consultation publications and updates.