What the outputs show us

These outputs show what we could produce from an Administrative Data Census and give users an idea of their quality.

Transformation of the population and migration statistics system

We are transforming our population and migration statistics system to better meet user needs. For the latest updates on this see our overview.

Our research so far

We're focusing on the three main types of information that the census currently gives us. View everything we've published so far on:

What's next?

Each year, we aim to expand the breadth, depth and accuracy of our Research Outputs. This is dependent on the availability of the data and its statistical quality.

More information

If you have any questions about our Administrative Data Census Research Outputs, please email us at Admin.Data.Census.Project@ons.gov.uk.


These Research Outputs are not official statistics on the population, nor are they used in the underlying methods or assumptions in the production of official statistics. Rather they are published as outputs from research into a methodology different to that currently used in the production of population statistics.

It is important that the information and research presented with each release is read alongside the outputs to aid interpretation and avoid misunderstanding. These outputs must not be reproduced without this disclaimer.