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8 October 2015

The three Census Offices (ONS, NRS and NISRA) are pleased to announce that the full set of origin destination tables (circa 500) are available, this includes all public, safeguarded and secure releases. Access to some tables is limited to certain types of users. To help users identify appropriate tables, a new table finder tool is now available on nomis. Here you will be able to see what is available and search through an index of the tables. The tool allows users to find specific tables - eg public tables showing age and place of work - and then click through to the table itself. Some tables are only available to certain types of users in a secure environment and selection of these in the tool will take the user to a page explaining how to apply to use the environment. Other tables require registration and acceptance of terms and conditions before accessing the data from the UKDS website. In this case selection of such a table in the tool will take the user to a landing page on the UKDS website that will link to pages for registration; the landing page will enable already registered users to choose to use an interactive interface or download the data.

About the Origin Destination Tables

Origin-destination tables comprise the travel-to-work and migration patterns of individuals, cross-tabulated by variables of interest, for example, occupation. New products for the 2011 Census provide the migration patterns of those living at a student address one year ago and provide information on individuals with second residences. The 2011 Census origin-destination tables are classified in three ways.

Public tables are available to everyone via Nomis under Open Government Licence; For more information on these tables visit the public page.

Tables with slightly more detail that are not available to the public are termed “safeguarded” and can be accessed only by data analysts under terms and conditions. For more information on these tables, including how to apply, visit the safeguarded tables page.

Tables with greater detail are termed “secure” and are accessible only in the ONS Secure Research Service (SRS). For more information on tables available via this route and how to gain access visit the secure tables page.


The table below summarises how the safeguarded and secure data are available to different types of users.

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