• Before you browse for 2011 Census statistics, select the most appropriate type of data.

  • A census is a unique source of detailed socio-demographic statistics that underpins national policymaking with population estimates and projections to help allocate funding and plan investment and services.

  • Find out about the project to plan and run the decennial census in England and Wales.

  • The information you gave us in the 2011 Census is confidential and protected by law.

  • In-depth information about consultations used in preparation for the 2011 Census.

  • 2011 Census UK, Scotland census, Wales Census, Northern Ireland Census, United Kingdom Census.

  • Contact us for information from the 2011 Census, previous censuses and the Census Transformation Programme.

  • See how organisations have used 2011 Census data in their business. Case studies, factsheets and other information on how to get the best from Census data.

  • This index page provides a comprehensive list, by topic theme, of all ONS-produced census analyses to date and links to where they can be found.

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