The most detailed tables are secure tables and will be available only within a secure ONS environment.

For more information, download the Origin-destination data: User guide.


Please see here for all origin and destination data table layouts

Priority release 1 – available 3 December 2014

Remaining UK secure tables – available 11 December 2014

Remaining England and Wales secure tables – available 5 February 2015

How to access the data

Secure microdata files contain the highest level of detail and the largest sample size. They are protected by the highest level of access limitation and initially are available only to approved researchers via the Virtual Microdata Laboratory (VML).

Find out how to be accepted as an Approved Researcher. Applications for access can be downloaded and sent to The process to approve projects, receive training and gain access to the secure data in the VML will take approximately two to six weeks depending on the level of demand and the complexity of the proposal.