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Monthly turnover, exports, and orders data for production and services industries.

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Changes and additions:

From the June 2016 TOPSI Turnover and Export releases (published 19th August 2016), data for the following industry groups have been collected and added following high user demand:

10.1 - Processing and preserving of meat and production of meat products (JQ4C, JQ4D, JQ4E)
10.4 - Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats (D3L8, D42R, D3L4)
10.5 - Manufacture of dairy products (JQ4O, JQ4P, JQ4Q)
10.6 - Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products (D3QF, D42V, D3QE)
10.9 - Manufacture of prepared animal feeds (JQ55, JQ56, JQ57)
11.01-06 + 12 - Manufacture of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products (D3QJ, D439, D3QI).

68.3 - Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis (JQ3N)
75 - Veterinary activities (JSK8)
86 - Human health activities (JR3D)
91 - Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities (JSM3)
93 - Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities (JR3K).

Data for the additional industry groups may not exist from the start period of the TOPSI time series (January 1998), due to data collection not being possible for certain periods.

Totals for UK Manufacturing and GB Services (JT27 and JT28 respectively) are aggregates of published industry groups; therefore, totals in releases prior to June 2016 excluded figures for the above groups. Totals have been revised back to the start of the time series to reflect the addition of these groups.

For TOPSI Turnover and Export tables, to present data in the most practical and usable format, additional industry groups have been inserted between those historically published. Therefore, a series for a particular group in releases for June 2016 onwards will not necessarily be found on the corresponding numbered TOPSI tables in prior releases.

Additional information:

Standard Industrial Classifications (SICs) for Production industries comprise SICs 07-39, excluding 19 and 24.1-32.

SICs for Manufacturing industries comprise SICs 10-33, excluding 19 and 24.1-32.

SICs for Services industries comprise SICS 45-96, excluding 47; 49.1-2; 50-51; 64-68.1-2; 70.1; 81.1/3; 84; 85.1-31; 87-88; 92; 94, and 96.04/09.

More information on SICs can be found here.

Figures for SIC 55 (Accommodation – JQ34) and 56 (Food and beverage service activities – JQ37) include VAT up to April 2009; and exclude VAT from May 2009 onwards.

Please refer to the titles and footnotes in the TOPSI Turnover and Export tables for other information.


In reviewing historic data as part of ONS continuous improvement and customer feedback, it was noticed that there was a misreporting for a small number of figures for certain series. These were corrected in the July 2016 release (published 19th September 2016).

The series affected (and periods corrected) are:

JR22 (1998 Jan – 2009 Dec)
JQ32 (1998 Jan - 1999 Dec)
JQ34 (1998 Jan – 2000 Dec)
JQ3C (1998 Jan – 2000 Dec)
JQ3D (1998 Jan – 2000 Dec)
JQ3E (1998 Jan – 1999 Dec)
JQ3M (1998 Jan – 1999 Dec)
JQ3V (1998 Jan – 2001 Dec)
JT3M (2000 Jan – 2000 Dec)
JSL5 (1998 Jan – 2004 Dec)
JSM2 (1998 Jan – 2000 Dec)

The corrections will also impact on figures for Total Services (JT28).

Users of these series may contact indexofproduction@ons.gsi.gov.uk for further information. ONS apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

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