Notice, 6 September 2023: Data for the “cancer screening attendance” indicator have been updated to correct an error in calculation. Previously, cervical cancer screenings for women aged 25-49 were erroneously excluded from the indicator. Data for 2015-2021 for this indicator, its subdomain “protective measures”, the Healthy Lives domain and the overall Health Index score have been corrected to reflect this change.

Health scores in England partly recovered in 2021 following the first year of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic but remained below 2019 levels. For example, cancer screening attendance fell from 2020 to 2021, but some measures such as mental health improved.

Every local area in England has a health score for each year. The score is made up of measures in different categories, called domains and subdomains. These measures include mental and physical health, (such as feelings of anxiety and conditions such as diabetes), local unemployment, road safety, and behaviours like healthy eating.

In 2021, Harrogate had the highest Health Index score, and Blackpool had the lowest overall score.

More information is in our health in England: 2015 to 2021 bulletin. For further details on your local authority, see our Subnational indicators explorer.

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This interactive tool is based on data from the Health Index. Since our release in November 2022, some scores for the years 2015 to 2020 have been revised, as described in Health Index methods and development: 2015 to 2021 methodology. This means figures may not match our previous edition of this localised tool.

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You can find out about the measures used in our release on Health Index contents and definitions.

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