Methodology related to conditions and diseases

  • The impact of updating cancer survival methodologies for national estimates

    Methodology | Released on 12 June 2017

    A comparison of the new method applied in producing national cancer survival estimates in England compared to previous methods.

    Keywords: cancer, survival, methods, England

  • A Government Statistical Service perspective on official estimates of calorie consumption

    Methodology | Released on 8 August 2016

    The Behavioural Insight Team’s ‘Counting Calories’ report explains the apparent decrease in calorie intake over time by presenting evidence that calorie consumption is underestimated and also suggests that the degree of underestimation has increased over time. This article provides a GSS response to that report.

    Keywords: calorie consumption, obesity, LCF, living costs and food survey

  • Cancer registration statistics QMI

    Quality and methodology information | Revised on 23 February 2016

    Cancer Registration statistics present the number of new cancer registrations in England overall and in the different English regions.

    Keywords: sex,age,mortality,incidence

  • Cancer survival statistical bulletins QMI

    Quality and methodology information | Revised on 29 June 2017

    Cancer survival statistics for England are published as a number of individual statistical bulletins each year. Survival estimates are recorded for the most common cancers in adults aged 15 to 99 years across multiple English regionals.

    Keywords: common cancers,survival estimates,age standardised