All data related to Unit labour costs, UK: January to March 2019

  • Sectional unit labour costs

    Dataset | Dataset ID: LPRODSULC | Released on 7 April 2020

    Sectional unit labour costs and revisions from previously published estimates, UK.
  • Unit labour cost and unit wage cost time series

    Dataset | Dataset ID: UCST | Released on 9 December 2022

    Unit labour cost, average labour compensation per hour worked, labour share and unit wage cost for the whole UK economy, unit wage cost for manufacturing.

    Keywords: labour, wage, quarterly, industries, manufacturing

  • Unit labour costs

    Dataset | Released on 7 October 2021

    Unit labour costs (ULCs) reflect the full labour costs incurred in the production of a unit of economic output, including social security and employers’ pension contributions.

    Keywords: production costs, labour costs, economic output