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Labour Market articles and reports

Average Weekly Earnings revised estimation for employers with under 20 employees (210.4 Kb Pdf)
Calculating the proportion of employee jobs under the living wage - a methodology article (199.7 Kb Pdf)  
Impact of 2014 mid-year estimates of population on current Labour Force Survey aggregates (45.9 Kb Pdf)

Jobseeker's Allowance, Universal Credit and the Claimant Count: Changes to the Measurement of the Claimant Count (110.6 Kb Pdf)

Review of the Reconciliation of ONS Jobs estimates (134.4 Kb Pdf)

A guide to sources of data on earnings and income (653.5 Kb Pdf)  
Revisions to Workforce Jobs, December 2014 (658.5 Kb Pdf)
Revisions to Labour Force Survey estimates due to re-weighting to the Census 2011 population (223.4 Kb Pdf)
Methodological note for the Labour Force Survey estimates of people in employment reporting a zero-hours contract  (94.5 Kb Pdf)
Non-response weights in the Labour Force Survey? Results from the Census Non-response Link Study (169.5 Kb Pdf)
Revisions to Workforce Jobs, December 2013 (61.9 Kb Pdf)
2011 changes to how Ethnicity is asked on Labour Force Survey (239.5 Kb Pdf)

A modelled historic time series for Average Weekly Earnings (22.2 Kb Pdf)

Creating a long term modelled historic time series for Average Weekly Earnings (559.9 Kb Pdf)

Average weekly earnings estimated back series (617 Kb Excel sheet)
Census-based reweighting of the LFS: Summary of detailed impact assessment (124.5 Kb Pdf)
Unemployment and The Claimant Count (141 Kb Pdf)
Estimating Zero-Hour Contracts from the Labour Force Survey (90.6 Kb Pdf)

Young people who are NEET (88.7 Kb Pdf)

Revisions to Workforce Jobs, April 2013 (239.6 Kb Pdf)
Estimates of sampling variability for Workforce Jobs (53.5 Kb Pdf)
Change in Method for Estimating Employment in Education in England (154.9 Kb Pdf)
Seasonal Adjustment of Flows (174.8 Kb Pdf)

Sources of Revisions to Labour Productivity Statistics (145.4 Kb Pdf)

Revisions to Workforce Jobs, March 2012 (349.7 Kb Pdf)
Report on the Review of Public Sector Employment, March 2011 (158 Kb Pdf)
A Brief Guide to Sources of Public Sector Employment Statistics, 2011 (46.3 Kb Pdf)
Investigation of estimation methods for AWE (308.3 Kb Pdf)
Adjusting AWE to account for re-classification of businesses (191.7 Kb Pdf)
An investigation of outlier treatment in the AWE (303.1 Kb Pdf)
The Calculation of Sampling Variability for the Labour Force Survey (174.9 Kb Pdf)
Labour Market Statistics Revisions Policy (36.7 Kb Pdf)
Plans for local Claimant Count data (31.9 Kb Pdf)
Children in Workless Households: LFS/FRS Differences: Report of a Working Group (112.7 Kb Pdf)
Ethnicity Classification in the Labour Force Survey (180.5 Kb Pdf)
Interim 2001-Census-adjusted LFS estimates (43.2 Kb Pdf)
Keeping Labour Force Survey estimates in line with the latest population estimates (22.9 Kb Pdf)
Public Sector Employment, Statistics Methodology, 2005 (29.1 Kb Pdf)
Summary of methodology for measuring low pay (28.5 Kb Pdf) (46.3 Kb Pdf)

This is a selected list, all articles can be found by browsing the 'Labour market - all releases' link. This includes those appearing in the former ONS publications Labour Market Trends (to 2004) and Economic & Labour Market Review (2005−11).

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