1. Labour Force Survey (LFS) user guides

This page lists user guides for using Labour Force Survey (LFS) data, providing guidance on the background and methodology of the LFS, details of current and past variables, the LFS questionnaire, LFS classifications and local area data.

Volume 1: Background and methodology
Volume 2: LFS questionnaire
Volume 2a: Transitional questionnaire
Volume 3: Details of LFS variables
Volume 3: Details of LFS variables 1992 to 2002
Volume 3: Details of LFS variables 2023
Volume 4: LFS standard derived variables
Volume 4a: LFS Education Derived Variables
Volume 5: LFS classifications
Volume 6: APS user guide
Volume 6: APS user guide 2023
Volume 7: LFS variables 1979 to 1991
Volume 8: Household family variables
Volume 9: Eurostat and Eurostat derived variables
Volume 9a Eurostat ad hoc modules
Volume 9a: LFS User Guide Eurostat Ad Hoc Modules 2008 to 2018
Volume 10: Analysis of data collected by the Labour Force Survey: Which dataset should I use?
Volume 11: Longitudinal user guide

For information on the Transformed Labour Force Survey (TLFS), please refer to the dedicated TLFS user guidance page.

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