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  • Public service productivity estimates: healthcare, 2014

  • Public Service Productivity Estimates: Education 2013

    This release contains updated estimates of output, inputs and productivity for public service education in the UK between 1996 and 2012, in addition to new estimates for 2013. Education output is the quantity of education delivered adjusted for the quality of delivery. The quantity is measured as the number of students adjusted for absence and the quality is measured based on student examination performance. Education inputs are composed of labour, goods and services, and consumption of fixed capital. Productivity is estimated by comparing growth in the total amount of output with growth in the total amount of inputs used.

  • Public Service Productivity Estimates: Total Public Services, 2012

    This release contains updated output, inputs and productivity estimates for public services in the UK between 1997 and 2012. Previously published estimates for 1997-2010 are updated, and new estimates are provided for 2011 and 2012. It provides an analysis of key trends, and identifies which public service areas are the main drivers of total public service productivity.

  • UK productivity introduction: Oct to Dec 2016

    This article draws together the key findings from official statistics and analysis of UK productivity to present a summary of recent developments.

  • Regional and sub-regional productivity in the UK: Jan 2017

    The article provides statistics for several measures of labour productivity (GVA per hour worked, GVA per filled job). Statistics are provided for the NUTS1, NUTS2 and NUTS3 subregions of the UK, and for selected UK City Regions.

  • Regional firm-level productivity analysis for the non-financial business economy: Jan 2017

    This article provides experimental analysis on the sources of regional differences in labour productivity in the non-financial business economy in Great Britain.

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