All data related to Economic activity and social change in the UK, real-time indicators: 6 January 2022

  • Company incorporations, voluntary dissolutions and compulsory dissolutions

    Dataset | Released on 7 December 2023

    The number of Companies House incorporations and voluntary dissolutions accepted, and companies placed into compulsory dissolution: weekly dataset.

    Keywords: Company incorporations, voluntary dissolutions and compulsory dissolutions, realtimeindicators

  • Daily UK flights

    Dataset | Released on 1 December 2023

    Experimental daily UK flight numbers and rolling seven-day average, including flights to, from, and within the UK.

    Keywords: economy, trade, transport, airports, realtimeindicators

  • Daily vehicle flows around ports

    Dataset | Released on 11 August 2022

    Daily data showing vehicle flows around major ports in England. Contains average 15-minute sensor counts by size of vehicle, and average speeds.

    Keywords: faster indicators, economy, traffic, ports

  • Online job advert estimates

    Dataset | Released on 7 December 2023

    Experimental job advert indices covering the UK job market.

    Keywords: vacancies, jobs, adverts, employment, realtimeindicators

  • Online weekly price changes

    Dataset | Released on 1 July 2021

    The online price changes for a selection of food and drink products from several large UK retailers. These data are experimental estimates developed to deliver timely indicators to help better understand real time economic activity and social change in the UK.

    Keywords: online shopping, corona virus, COVID 19, COVID19, web-scraping, faster indicators

  • Road traffic for Great Britain

    Dataset | Released on 4 June 2021

    Experimental estimates to monitor the use of the transport system during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic using Department for Transport (DfT) data.

    Keywords: motor vehicles, cars, trucks, light commercial vehicles, heavy goods vehicles

  • Sales and jobs in small businesses

    Dataset | Released on 2 November 2023

    Monthly dataset showing change in sales and jobs recorded by Xero, an online accounting software platform. This dataset is updated on quarterly bases.

    Keywords: realtimeindicators, employees, industry type, manufacturing, retail

  • Shelf availability of items from UK shops

    Dataset | Released on 10 March 2022

    Data provided by Kantar Public, recording item availability of 21 popular products across the UK and English regions.

    Keywords: faster indicators, supply, realtimeindicators, shortages, unavailable items

  • System Average Price (SAP) of gas

    Dataset | Released on 7 December 2023

    Daily and rolling average System Average Price (SAP) of gas traded in Great Britain over the On-the-Day Commodity Market (OCM).

    Keywords: gas, energyprices, realtimeindicators, gas prices, gasprices

  • Traffic camera activity

    Dataset | Released on 7 December 2023

    Busyness indices using traffic camera data to monitor flows of cars, pedestrians, cyclists, buses and commercial vehicles for selected cities and regions of the UK. Experimental Statistics.

    Keywords: vans, trucks, realtimeindicators, faster indicators