All data related to Economic activity and social change in the UK, real-time indicators: 6 January 2022

  • UK spending on credit and debit cards

    Dataset | Released on 16 May 2024

    Daily, weekly and monthly data showing seasonally adjusted and non-seasonally adjusted UK spending using debit and credit cards. These are official statistics in development. Source: CHAPS, Bank of England.

    Keywords: realtimeindicators, social, delayable, staple, work-related

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

    Dataset | Released on 7 April 2022

    Value Added Tax (VAT) turnover and expenditure diffusion indexes and new VAT reporters using data from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) VAT returns.

    Keywords: economy, faster indicators, realtimeindicators

  • Vehicle flows around ports

    Dataset | Released on 11 August 2022

    Monthly data showing vehicle flows around major ports in England. Contains average 15-minute sensor counts by size of vehicle, and average speeds.

    Keywords: ports, traffic, economy, faster indicators

  • Weekly shipping indicators

    Dataset | Released on 5 April 2024

    Daily and weekly data showing weekday adjusted ship visits to and from selected UK ports. These are official statistics in development. Source: exactEarth.

    Keywords: economy, trade, realtimeindicators, cargo ships, tankers