The 2021 Census Outputs and Dissemination Team is responsible for determining the range of data products and services that will be made available following the 2021 Census.

We’ve listened to our users following the 2011 Census. We’re currently planning to publish 2021 Census data on the ONS website in a combination of pre-determined univariate tables. We’re also considering a web-based interactive dissemination system where users can specify the data they need.

This will mean the 2021 Census data are:

  • flexible – the web-based interactive dissemination system would allow users to be able to build their own tables, selecting the geography, population base and variables they need
  • timely – we’ll aim to disseminate national- and local authority-level estimates for England and Wales within 12 months of census day, and all other estimates within 24 months of census day
  • accessible – we’ll aim to host the web-based interactive dissemination system through the ONS website, meaning that most census data will be available from one location and follow Government Digital Service guidelines on accessibility
  • relevant – we’ll aim to develop enhanced census outputs where census data and administrative data are linked at the record level to enable the production of multivariate, small area outputs

Through our plans, we aim to enable our data users to meet earlier deadlines, allow greater time for analysis and deliver data that are more specific to their needs. We’ll provide the same level of detail as we did for the 2011 Census.

We’ll also publish origin-destination or “flow data”, microdata samples and enhanced census outputs. We’ll aim to achieve National Statistics accreditation for all our outputs.