Ad hoc tables are additional tables that we have not included in the Office for National Statistics' (ONS') standard publications and that we create in response to customer requests. We charge the person or organisation who requests an ad hoc table for the service and, once we have created the tables, we publish them for all to use under Open Government Licence. The creation of ad hoc tables is constrained by the data, by the availability of skilled staff to compile them, by any similarities to what the ONS has already released or plans to release, and by statistical disclosure control. We can produce census ad hoc tables from data collected in the 2021, 2011 and 2001 Censuses.

We publish all tables in the appropriate areas of the ONS website. In exceptional circumstances, we can make some ad hoc tables that contain sensitive data available for use in controlled ONS environments by approved researchers working on projects approved by the ONS.

Standards and practices

We meet requests for outputs by email. However, please provide a phone number in case we need to discuss or clarify your request with you.  

More information

Contact Census Customer Services for more information or complete the Census Commissioned table request form (PDF, 135.0 KB).

Let us have your views

We welcome feedback from our customers. Please email us at census.customerservices@ons.gov.uk with your ideas.

Tel: +44 1329 444972

9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

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