Opening date: 07 February 2011
Closing date: 29 April 2011
Department: Office for National Statistics
Category: Population and Migration

This consultation which took place between February and end of April 2011 provided an opportunity for census users to comment on any aspect of the final 2011 Census Output Geography policy for England and Wales, and the set of geographic products being created. The policy covers ONS plans to maintain output areas (OAs) and super output areas (SOAs) using the 2011 Census population data, and to create a new geography more suitable for disseminating workplace statistics, called workplace zones.

The consultation paper also provided a summary of the outcome from the output geography consultation that ran from December 2009 to March 2010, that sought views on the requirement for a workplace geography and an upper layer SOA, and asked for instances of ‘bad’ OAs/SOAs that could be considered for redesign. A full report of that consultation is available to download.

Please contact Census Customer Services if you have any queries or requests for further information.

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