06 November 2023

2008 to 2021 edition, uploaded on 18 May 2023

There was an inconsistency in the data between the North East region tab and ‘All region’ tab. Data for division 91 incorrectly referencing data for Great Britain. The data is correct in the ‘All region ’ tab. The data for the North East in division 91 have now been corrected. The ABS team have also worked on further refinements in the use of disclosure markers across the entire dataset. the ABS team apologise for any misunderstanding.

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  • Release date:
    18 May 2023
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    To be announced

About this Dataset

Annual data on business turnover, approximate gross value added (aGVA), purchases and employment costs, from the Annual Business Survey. Two-digit Standard Industrial Classification 2007 group by region or country.

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