UK business; activity, size and location: 2017

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  • The number of Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) businesses in the UK continued to grow to 2.67 million in March 2017 compared with 2.55 million in March 2016, which is consistent with the performance of the broader UK economy.
  • The number of companies and public corporations has continued to rise and represents 70.7% of total UK businesses, which has offset a gradual fall in sole proprietors and partnerships.
  • The largest industry group is professional, scientific and technical, making up 17.9% of all registered businesses in the UK.
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    The dataset contains data on local units and enterprises by geography, industry, legal status and employment size band. There are additional data at enterprise level by turnover size band.

  • Business demography

    Births, deaths and survivals of businesses in the UK, 2016 by geographical areas and standard industrial classification groups.

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