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  • Business demography, quarterly, UK, low-level geographic breakdown, UK

    Dataset | Released on 2 May 2024

    Quarterly official statistics in development on business creations and closures from the Inter-Departmental Business Register, a low-level geographic breakdown for the UK.

    Keywords: business births, business deaths, UK countries, English regions, local authorities

  • Business demography, quarterly, UK

    Dataset | Released on 2 May 2024

    Business births and deaths from the Inter-Departmental Business Register with high-level breakdowns by industry and region. Quarterly official statistics in development.

    Keywords: closures, births, creation, removal, deaths

  • Business demography, UK

    Dataset | Released on 22 November 2023

    Annual data on births, deaths and survival of businesses in the UK, by geographical area and Standard Industrial Classification 2007: SIC 2007 groups.

    Keywords: births, deaths, active, survival, counts

  • UK business: activity, size and location

    Dataset | Released on 27 September 2023

    Numbers of enterprises and local units produced from a snapshot of the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR) taken on 10 March 2023.

    Keywords: IDBR, Inter-Departmental Business Register, enterprises, local units, business counts

  • Night-time workers, UK

    Dataset | Released on 24 January 2023

    National and regional breakdowns of night-time workers by industry groupings, gender, working patterns, age groups, time of day usually worked, place of birth (UK or outside the UK), and whether or not they work from home.
  • Employees working in night-time industries, UK

    Dataset | Released on 24 January 2023

    Breakdown of employees working in night-time industries by industry grouping and local authority district.
  • Energy intensity: Annual Business Survey 2019 and Annual Purchases Survey 2018

    Dataset | Released on 7 September 2022

    Data tables to accompany the article Business energy spending: experimental measures from the Office for National Statistics’ business surveys. Includes data on energy intensity by industry, energy type, firm size and distribution across businesses, and compared with recent business survey results.

    Keywords: electricity, gas, fuel, ABS, APS

  • Business Forms, Management Practices and Enterprise Lifecycles: A Dissection of the UK Business Population, 1999 to 2020

    Dataset | Released on 13 May 2021

    Proportion of businesses, turnover and employment by different legal form, industry and location over time. Uses a sample of businesses from the experimental Longitudinal Business Database.
  • Industries and firms where turnover was resilient during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, firm level regression tables

    Dataset | Released on 26 April 2021

    Regression outputs tables for firm level regressions, industry turnover during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    Keywords: Turnover, output, regression

  • Public houses and bars: responding businesses' cash reserves and confidence

    Dataset | Released on 16 December 2020

    Public house and bar businesses’ cash reserves and confidence in surviving the next three months, November 2020 for the UK. Unweighted data from the Business Impact of Coronavirus Survey (BICS) Wave 18. Responses are unweighted and are representative only of the businesses that responded in the sample, not of the wider business population. Unweighted tables should be treated with caution when used to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 across the UK economy.

    Keywords: pubs, pandemic, COVID-19, COVID19, COVID 19, corona virus, hospitality industry