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Please supply copies of papers and emails about survey response rates. I am interested in the trend decline in response rates to surveys so would like to see papers on, for example, data on the trends in all surveys, analysis of non-response and attempts to address the problem.

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Thank you for your request

Attached are copies of the material that was identified during the search. In the process of responding to your specific request we concluded that in order to provide you with everything that could possibly fall within the scope of your request we were likely to exceed the appropriate limit as defined by S12(1) of the Freedom of Information Act. Therefore, we have undertaken a search for papers and emails up to that limit and included the UK data that was available.

In accordance with Section 40(2)(a) all personal information, primarily names, email addresses and telephone numbers, has been removed from the documents.

Please note that the numbers of the attachments do not run sequentially as some documents originally identified in the search were later found to be outside the scope of your request.

Documents 1.0 to 4.3:

  • Trends - Long-run survey response charts
  • Trends - Regular information on response in monthly Comms Pack
  • Trends - Monthly response briefings
  • Trends - Monthly KPIs provided to NSEG

Documents 5.0 to 11.0:

  • Trends - Response charts provided to SSPG
  • Trends - National Statistician Briefing on response rates
  • Trends - Paper on definitions of response rates
  • Trends - Management Information Suite (MIS) reports on survey outcomes (inc response rates by survey
  • Non-response - NSQR: Calculating response using Italian method
  • Non-response - NSQR: Exploration of recommendations relating to extending field period or floating the reference week
  • Non-response - NSQR: Initiation document for LFS international comparisons work

Documents 14.0 to 18.5:

  • Non-response - EU guidelines on measuring response (Sarah Blake summary note)
  • 3.1 Addressing the problem - Workshop to explore making participation in the LFS compulsory
  • Addressing the problem - Dec 2012 update on progress on LFS response actions
  • Addressing the problem - Ideas for field strand of survey non-response programme
  • Addressing the problem - LFS Local Area Response Project: Plan for work

Documents 20.0 to 23.0:

  • Addressing the problem - LFS Local Area Response Project: Action plans
  • Addressing the problem - LFS Local Area Response Project: Regional manager progress reports
  • Addressing the problem - LFS Local Area Response Project: Correspondence
  • Addressing the problem - Responsive Design in TO: Summary of approach here (work in progress)

Documents 24.0 to 27.0:

  • Addressing the problem - Responsive Design in TO: plans for work
  • Addressing the problem - National Statistics LFS Quality Review
  • Addressing the problem - ACE and ACT summary
  • Addressing the problem - ART review and recommendations

Documents 28.0 to 32.5:

  • Addressing the problem - Comms Pack communication to launch Calling Checklist
  • Addressing the problem - Impediments to Entry report
  • Addressing the problem - LCF incentive experiment
  • Addressing the problem - Report on recording calls to the Survey Enquiry Line
  • Addressing the problem - Advance letter experiment

Documents 33.0 to 40.1:

  • Addressing the problem - Reissues modelling project?
  • Addressing the problem - Trialling non-contact incentive
  • Addressing the problem - DG briefing on use of incentives
  • Addressing the problem - Draft Response Strategy
  • TO response analysis
  • Issues with December LFS response in Telephone Operations
  • Survey Response Paper for Survey Operations Management Board
  • Labour Force Survey Response - January 2013

Documents 41.0 to 49.1:

  • Exploring Regional Comparison charts for Interviewer Extranet
  • FRS Response from 2011 Onwards
  • Update on WAS response for stakeholders
  • Long run LFS response rates
  • Making the LFS compulsory - some issues
  • A brief note on long run trends in social survey response rates, October 12
  • HAS and FRS Response March-April 2012
  • Summary of impact of power failure on Social Survey Division
  • A brief note on long run trends in social survey response rates

Documents 50.0 to 55.4:

  • Impact of Census on response rates for household surveys
  • HAS Response - August 2011
  • Response Targets - calculating the target for ONS sponsored surveys
  • Summary of TU LFS issued sample and response, May 2010
  • Agreed national response rate targets 2010/11
  • Implementation of Response Rate Targets by SDC

Documents 56.0 to 62.1

  • LFS - TU v Field
  • LFS response: issues and actions
  • Options for Improving Response Rates
  • Use of Incentives on ONS surveys
  • Response - implications - outline paper and discussion points
  • Response implications paper - meeting 11 February 2008
  • Action plan for LFS response, June & July 2007

Documents 63.0 to 73.5

  • Social Survey Response: Issues and Solutions
  • LFS response, weeks 71m thru 72b
  • Survey performance Dec 06
  • Information pulled together for the Field data Collection review
  • LFS wave 1 response rate - 1992 to 2004 (GG to BW, July 04)
  • LMD Follow up on LFS response rates (Aug 04)
  • LFS Non-Response Analysis Project (Phase One)
  • Improving the Survey Participation of Non-nationals/Migrants in the LFS - Phase One Report
  • Household Survey Non-response - Summary of Groves & Couper

Web related article - considering on-line response rates - Ashton and Dunn

Web related article - considering on-line response rates - Portanti and Wilson 2012

Documents 74.0 to 78.2:

  • LFS Response Papers (Outline)
  • LFS Non-Response Studies 2008
  • The impact of Non-response on LFS Bias-Update
  • PID: LFS Refusal Follow up
  • Refusal Follow Up EUROSTAT bid

Documents 79.0 to 83.3:

  • Re: Link Message: Using the address of non-respondents to counter Non-Response Bias by weighting/stratification
  • Social Survey Non-response Work Timetable 2009-2011
  • Non-Response Strategy in Social Surveys 2010/11
  • Non-Response Update 2010/11
  • August 2010 Non-response workshop paper 2010

Documents 84.0 to 91.0:

  • LFS Non-response bias paper
  • Non-response Programme in Social Surveys 2012-2014
  • Response Model for Social Data Collection Process from Scatter to Harvest-Proposal
  • Response/Non-response Model and Strategy for Social Data Collection Process from Scatter to Harvest in Household Surveys
  • Non-Response Model Presentation
  • Response Team Proposal 2014
  • LFS and LFS Boost: Useful Information for Interviewers UPDATE November 2014
  • International Workshop on Household Survey Non-response 2013

Labour Force Survey performance and quality monitoring reports - available on web - going back to 2002

Docuemnts 93.0 to 93.14:

  • LFS Steering group update papers

Documents 94.0 to 96.8:

  • Wealth & Assets survey - all evidence combined in Word doc
  • Opinions survey - all evidence combined in Word doc
  • Living Costs and Food Survey - all evidence combined

Documents 97.0 to 110.0:

  • Survey of Income and Living Conditions - all evidence combined
  • Differential response by country
  • Differential response
  • Expenditure Trailer: Final report (including discussion surrounding survey response among Chinese passengers)
  • Annex Business Survey Response Rates
  • Average Business Survey response rates
  • Respondent Relations Business Survey Response targets
  • Annual Business Surveys Response rates 2014