1. How to take part

Ця сторінка також доступна українською

This survey is intended for the individual named on the visa application. If you are a representative, friend or relative of this individual, please ensure this survey is completed by them, as it is important to understand their experiences during this time.

You should have received an email inviting you to take part and introducing the study.

Your email will include all the instructions and login details you will need. You can complete this study on a smartphone, tablet or computer. If you need to, you can stop and come back to the study later.

To begin the study, please click "Start now". When asked, enter the personal access code from your email.

Start now

This study is available for you to complete at any time until Tuesday 9 May 2023 at 9am. Thank you for your support.

This webpage contains more information about taking part online, as well as how we treat your confidential information.

2. About the study

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is carrying out this important online study on behalf of the UK government. The study is about the opinions, experiences and intentions of Ukrainian nationals who have recently arrived in the UK.

3. What you will be asked

The study will cover a range of topics, including:

  • your living arrangements

  • your experience of accessing services and support since arriving in the UK

  • any plans you might have for finding work, moving to a different area, and accessing services such as schools or housing

The questions we ask can be based on both facts and opinions.

You do not need any specialist knowledge to take part. There are no right or wrong answers - your honest responses are vital for us to produce reliable statistics.

We design our studies with you in mind and keep them as short as possible. We only collect the information we need to better understand our society. Your response is really important to us.

We respect your right to a private life - the information you provide in this study will not be used to identify you in any way.

4. Why you should take part

The information we collect helps inform government decisions. This influences national policies, as well as facilities and local services.

This is your unique opportunity to tell us about your experiences. Your responses will provide information not available from any other sources. Do not miss your chance to have your say.

5. Choosing to take part is important

Your response is extremely important to make sure your voice counts in producing reliable statistics for decision makers. For us to get an accurate picture of people's views and experiences, we need to talk to people from all walks of life.

Taking part is voluntary. If you do not want to answer some or any of the questions, you do not have to. Please answer as many questions as you can, to ensure that your experiences and circumstances are counted.

It is your chance to have your voice heard. If you are still not convinced, you do not have to take part if you do not want to.

6. What we will do with your answers

We will only use your data in ways which are consistent with our ethical principles as set out by the UK Statistics Authority.

Your personal information will remain confidential. More information can be found in the section about our commitment to protecting your data.

The details you provide will be combined with those of everyone else taking part so we can produce statistics. Any data we publish will never identify you or your household.

We do not sell on your data and you will not receive junk mail or marketing calls as a result of taking part in one of our studies.

7. Who is involved in conducting the study?

This study is being carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on behalf of the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) and the Home Office. The questionnaire was designed by statisticians at the ONS, in collaboration with DLUHC and the Home Office.

The ONS will receive all data collected and remain in control of all responses given by all study participants. The information you provide in this study will not be used to identify you in any way.

8. Who are the Office for National Statistics?

The Office for National Statistics is the country's largest producer of statistics. UK law provides us with the authority to collect data and produce statistics.

We are:

  • independent, unbiased and impartial

  • separate from other organisations and do not allow anything to influence the statistics we publish

  • the only organisation that produces official statistics as a primary role, we have no additional interest in the information we collect

  • only interested in society as a whole, and not you as an individual; statistics represent groups of people and we remove your personal details as we are not interested in singling you out

We are not:

  • a commercial or market research organisation; we do not work for profit and will not try to sell you anything

  • associated with any political parties; we produce official statistics, no matter who the Prime Minister or political party in government is

  • going to sell on your data under any circumstances: we value your involvement in our studies and do not profit from your data; you will not receive any "junk mail" as a result of taking part

  • monitoring you, as the data you give are only used for producing statistics; we will not use your information to contact you about other matters such as your tax, income or benefits, and we will not provide your information to anyone else for them to do so either

Read more about what we do at the ONS.

9. Why you have been asked to take part

To understand people's experience of arriving in the UK, we need to talk to people like you.

You have been selected at random to take part from a list of names and email addresses. The list has been created by the Home Office to record information about people who have recently come to the UK as part of a resettlement scheme.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have been given permission by the Home Office to contact you to invite you to participate in the UK Humanitarian Response Insight Survey to ensure that government policies are informed. We will not use your contact details for any other purposes.

It is not possible to ask everyone to take part in our ongoing studies; instead, we invite a sample of individuals or households, which makes sure we represent everyone. We cannot ask another individual to take your place as this would affect how representative our study is.

Only people invited to the study can take part

Individuals are chosen at random to take part in this study and cannot be replaced with others. To ensure the study is valid, only those selected at random can take part.

10. Questions about taking part

Where can I find my code to access the online study?

The personal access code for completing the study online is on the invitation email you should have received. When you follow the link in your invitation letter or email, you will be prompted to enter the eight-digit code printed on the email.

Do I have to take part online?

If you want to complete the study by phone, please call us for free on +44 800 085 7376 to make an appointment to take part. You will then be called back by an interviewer who will help you complete the study over the phone.

Can I take a break part way through?

Yes, if you would like to take a break, select "Save and Continue later" at the bottom of the survey page. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address. You will then receive an email from SmartSurvey with a unique link. To resume the survey, please follow the unique link, which will take you back to where you left the survey. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive this email.

Can I complete the study in another language?

Currently, the online study is only available in Ukrainian and English. Telephone interviews can be conducted in other languages upon request.

I have lost my login details, can I have these again?

Because of data confidentiality restrictions, we are not able to supply personal access codes over the telephone. In some instances, we can resend your personal access code via email - we will only send personal access codes to the email address that we already have on our system.

Please email humanitarian.response.survey@ons.gov.uk to request this.

How can I tell whether my answers have been successfully submitted?

After you click "Finish survey" on the last page of the survey, you will be directed to a page that says, "You have completed this survey". This means your answers have been submitted successfully.

11. Confidentiality and data protection

Will I be identifiable in the results?

No, the information you submit will be treated as confidential as directed by the Code of Practice for Statistics. Any statistics or results produced will not identify you or anyone in your household.

Will anyone else see my answers?

The personal access code is unique to you. Please keep your code safe. Once you have submitted a completed study, the answers can no longer be accessed using your personal access code.

How will you use the information I provide?

Your personal information will remain confidential

The details you provide will be combined with those of everyone else taking part so we can produce statistics. Any data published will never identify you or your household.  

We do not sell your data on to third parties and you will not receive junk mail or marketing calls as a result of taking part in one of our studies. 

Study information may be provided to approved organisations or researchers for statistical purposes only.

How long will you keep the information I provide?

The information you provide will not identify you or your household and we will only keep your information for as long as it is being used to produce statistics, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What precautions for data protection and confidentiality have been taken?

The Office for National Statistics adheres to the Code of Practice for Statistics, the UK General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 and processes all personal information with respect, keeping it secure and confidential. If you have a question about how we process your personal data or want to find out more about your rights under data protection legislation, please see our data protection page.

We take our responsibilities to keep your personal information secure very seriously. As such, we take every reasonable precaution to ensure your information is protected from loss, theft or misuse. These precautions include appropriate physical security of our offices, controlled access to computer systems, and use of secure, encrypted internet connections when collecting personal information.


Some online studies collect information through the use of cookies. These are small files stored on your computer. These files are used sparingly and only for quality control and validation and, more importantly, to prevent us sending you reminders for an online study you have already completed. You can delete cookies or to prevent their use by adjusting the browser settings on your computer.

We also automatically capture information about your operating system, display settings and browser type to ensure that the study is delivered in a form suited to the software your computer is using. We do not capture any other information from your computer.

Sharing data with our service providers

We sometimes share selected information with our service providers to help us run our surveys. We only share the personal details they need to know. To find out more about each service provider's commitment while they are handling your information, please visit their websites.

In this study, we work with GOV.UK Notify to help us get in touch with you by email.

12. The Office for National Statistics’ responsibility to the public

You can read about the commitments the Office for National Statistics (ONS) makes to those taking part in its surveys in our ONS respondent charter for surveys of households and individuals.

We will only use your data in ways which are consistent with our ethical principles. If you have a question about how we process your personal data or want to find out more about your rights under data protection legislation, please see our data protection page.

Sometimes, we collect information on behalf of another organisation. For more information about how your data will be treated in these circumstances, please see our page on access to unpublished data.

At the ONS, we take seriously our responsibility to the public. Our policy is to tell the appropriate authority if we believe there is a serious risk to someone's safety.

We would appreciate your suggestions on how we can improve any of our studies. We would also like to hear from you if you are happy with the service you have received. You can email us at humanitarian.response.survey@ons.gov.uk.

13. Further information

If you have any queries or concerns about the study, please phone us for free on +44 800 085 7376 or email us at humanitarian.response.survey@ons.gov.uk.

The British Red Cross supports people from Ukraine who are in the UK. The information on the Help for Ukrainian nationals page will help you and your family to find out about services and support that might be available.

The Home Office has produced a guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK.

You can find more information about the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities and the Home Office on their websites.