Welcome to the COVID-19 and Respiratory Infections Survey (CRIS). Thank you for taking part in this national survey.

You will need your unique 16-character access code to enter the questionnaire. You can find your access code and questionnaire window dates in the email or letter that was sent to you recently.

If you are aged under 16, please check with your parent or guardian before taking part.

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By taking part, you will help the UK governments understand the impact of self-reported COVID-19 infections, long COVID and other respiratory infections on:

  • your life
  • the community
  • health services

Your answers, combined with the valued data you gave as part of the COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS), may also be part of an early warning system for COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. This could help the NHS prepare for potential pressures.

For more information about the CRIS, please see our About the study page.