1. About the Census Quality Survey

The Census Quality Survey (CQS) is a smaller survey we carry out after the census. The results of the CQS allow us to work out how accurate the responses were in the main census and help us improve our statistics.

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2. How will the Census Quality Survey work?

We’ll only ask a certain number of households in England and Wales to take part. We’ll send you a letter if we need your help.

If we ask you to take part in the CQS, one of our interviewers will contact you by phone or visit you in person to ask the questions.

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3. What questions will you ask me?

The questions will be some of the same ones that you’d have answered on the main census questionnaire. You will not need any specialist knowledge to take part. By answering honestly, you’ll be helping us to produce reliable statistics about our whole society.

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4. Rehearsing the Census Quality Survey

Following our recent census rehearsal, we’ll soon be testing the Census Quality Survey, too. If you live in one of the rehearsal areas – Carlisle, Ceredigion, Hackney or Tower Hamlets – we may ask you to take part. The CQS Rehearsal will take place during January and February 2020.

If we need your help, you’ll receive a letter from us in January 2020 inviting you to take part. Here’s how it will work.

Over the phone

One of our interviewers will call you to carry out the survey. It’s worth making a note of the number we’ll be calling you from, which is 02392 958 174.

In person

One of our interviewers will visit you at home to carry out the survey. They’ll be wearing an ID badge when they call.

If you have any questions, or you’d like to arrange a convenient time to complete the survey, please call us free on 0800 085 7376.

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