Aim of this survey

The Quarterly Survey for Export of Services Producer Price Index (SPPI) monitors prices charged for services provided by UK businesses to overseas-based customers for a limited range of services industries. The index is a useful information tool for UK businesses for purposes such as monitoring price changes across various services sector industries.

The survey is currently voluntary, but your co-operation in completing the questionnaire would be appreciated.

What you need to know

To complete the survey, you will need to provide a description for the service(s) you have selected; this is so you can identify the equivalent price for the same service in each quarter. You will need to:

  • provide a price, percentage rate, or applicable grade(s) for the service provisions that are active on a quarterly basis

  • choose an activity that is representative of your business in your chosen category

All information you provide is strictly confidential.

Survey information

Selection criteria: UK trading businesses registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

Population: UK businesses that provide a service overseas

Sample: approximately 600

Frequency: quarterly

Dispatch dates

Quarter 1 – mid-February

Quarter 2 – mid-April

Quarter 3 – mid-July

Quarter 4 – mid-October

Return-by dates

Quarter 1 – mid-March

Quarter 2 – mid-May

Quarter 3 – mid-August

Quarter 4 – mid-November

Dispatch and return-by dates are a guide. They are subject to change due to national holidays and weekends.

Why you were selected

Following the information you provided on the Annual Survey of Goods and Services (ASGS) for the calendar year 2016, your company has been chosen to supply information to us as we believe it meets the selection criteria of the survey. That is, a UK company or group of companies registered for VAT and/or PAYE.

How to complete this survey

Your questionnaire explains how to submit your data.

Reminders are issued automatically, so you may receive one if you submit data just before or after the return date.

At the moment this survey is not available to complete online. We are currently developing a secure online collection platform. You will receive a letter notifying you when you can complete the SPPI on our new platform. We appreciate your patience.

How to find out more information

You can call us on 0300 1234 928. Please contact us on 0300 1234 921 if you would like to speak to someone in Welsh.

Er mwyn gwneud cais am ffurflen Gymraeg – 0300 1234 921