The e-Commerce Survey to UK Business aims to measure the usage of information and communication technology (ICT) by businesses, and the value of business conducted electronically (whether buying or selling). The survey also enables analysis of the impact of e-commerce and the use of technology on businesses.

Eurostat is the principal user of the statistics. The UK provides statistics to Eurostat measuring business use of ICT and e-commerce activity, in accordance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council 808/2004. These estimates are used to provide information that is consistent with other European Union (EU) member states, as part of progress towards measuring EU bench marking indicators. These EU indicators compare the development and use of ICT in the EU member states, and help to provide a better understanding of the adoption of ICT and the Internet by businesses at an EU level.

The information is also used by UK government departments, and a range of ad hoc users.


Selection Criteria - UK trading businesses registered for VAT and/or PAYE

Population - Approximately 176,000

Sample - Approximately 7,000

Frequency - Annually

Dispatch Date – Between 1 and 4 January

Return by Date – Between 5 and 8 February.

Please Note - Dispatch and Return by dates are a guide. They are subject to change due to national holidays and weekends.

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