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Not all census content has been released. Check for upcoming releases in the release calendar. Alternatively, you can create a custom dataset.

  • Students: Census 2021

    Released on: 22 June 2022 | Corporate Information

    How we have reviewed and enhanced the guidance for students on how they should complete the census

  • The impact of updating cancer survival methodologies for national estimates, 2019

    Released on: 14 January 2019 | Methodology

    Changes that have been made to the methodology for cancer survival in adults (aged 15 to 99 years)

  • International Arrivals Insights Study

    Released on: 20 May 2021 | Corporate Information

    A study on views and experiences of people in England who have to self-isolate after arriving from international travel.

  • Question development

    Released on: 06 September 2017 | Corporate Information

    We have finalised the questions to be included in the Census 2021 questionnaire. Learn about our research and testing here.

  • Census data and you

    Released on: 27 January 2016 | Corporate Information

    How do you use 2011 Census data? Do you have a story you can share with us?

  • Census products

    Released on: 05 July 2022 | Corporate Information

    Learn about the different products we have produced from Census 2021 data and when we plan to release them.

  • Answering your questions about data

    Released on: 18 October 2023 | Corporate Information

    Information about data and statistics can be confusing and complex. We answer some of the questions you might have about data.

  • Principles of UK natural capital accounting: 2023

    Released on: 01 June 2023 | Methodology

    The challenges and principles we have developed to transform the United Nation's guidance on environmental accounting into the UK's natural capital accounts.

  • Education variables Census 2021

    Released on: 16 May 2023 | Corporate Information

    Variables used in Census 2021 data, includes the highest qualification people have gained and people who are in full-time education.

  • Design for Census 2021

    Released on: 22 June 2022 | Corporate Information

    How we have planned and designed Census 2021 from start to finish, to ensure results are of high quality and fit for purpose.