Methodology related to measuring progress, well-being and beyond gdp

  • UK Measures of National Well-being user guide

    Methodology | Released on 9 May 2024

    User guide for the UK Measures of National Well-being, providing more detail on the framework. Includes metadata tables of the revised measures, detail on how we produce estimates, and measure change over time.

    Keywords: quality of life, wellbeing, happiness

  • Trust in Government Survey QMI

    Methodology | Released on 1 March 2024

    Quality and Methodology Information (QMI) for the Trust in Government Survey, detailing strengths and limitations of the data, methods used, and data uses and users.

    Keywords: Public institutions, Attitudes

  • Clustering similar local authorities in the UK, methodology

    Methodology | Released on 23 February 2024

    Methodology information for our clustering analysis, which groups UK local authorities with similar characteristics and outcomes.

    Keywords: local, methodology, clustering, levelling-up, subnational

  • Clustering local authorities against subnational indicators in England, methodology

    Methodology | Released on 24 February 2023

    This methodology guide is intended to provide information on the data and method used on the article clustering local authorities against subnational indicators.

    Keywords: subnational, local authorities, clustering

  • Data collection changes due to the pandemic and their impact on estimating personal well-being

    Methodology | Released on 4 February 2021

    During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Office for National Statistics has published estimates of personal well-being using both the Annual Population Survey and the weekly module of the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey. This methodology article considers the impact that the pandemic has had on data collection, how this has influenced estimates of personal well-being and the comparability of these estimates.

    Keywords: APS, OPN, Mode, happiness, anxiety

  • Optimism and personal well-being: technical report

    Methodology | Released on 12 March 2020

    Exploratory analysis of the relationship between optimism and personal well-being using questions from the 2019 Opinions and Lifestyle (OPN) survey.

    Keywords: well-being, optimism, pessimism

  • Principal component analysis of social capital indicators

    Methodology | Released on 18 November 2019

    A proposal for a short social capital indicator set informed using principal component analysis – methodology article.
  • Personal well-being quarterly estimates technical report

    Methodology | Released on 14 November 2019

    Description of the statistical methods and techniques used to create and analyse quarterly estimates for personal well-being in the UK. This is the first time that we are publishing quarterly data for the personal well-being figures as Experimental Statistics, providing a more timely picture comparable with economic well-being statistics.

    Keywords: Personal well-being indicators, annual estimates, quarterly estimates, seasonal decomposition, Annual population survey

  • Measuring loneliness: guidance for use of the national indicators on surveys

    Methodology | Released on 5 December 2018

    Methodological guidance on how to use the recommended loneliness questions for adults and children and how to interpret and report the findings.

    Keywords: loneliness, measurement, survey testing, national measures, lonely

  • Personal well-being frequently asked questions

    Methodology | Released on 26 September 2018

    These are the Personal Well-being Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) which will be updated as required.

    Keywords: anxiety, happiness, worthwhile, life satisfaction