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This file was updated on 25 August 2020. Local Authority estimates for employment, self-employment and unemployment have been corrected due to an incorrect weight being applied in the original tables. The correct weight has since been applied and a new set of tables have been uploaded. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The indicators produced as part of this ad-hoc user request are components, or are used to calculate components, of the Thriving Places Index (TPI). The TPI measures the local conditions for wellbeing, and whether they are being delivered fairly and sustainably.

Created by the Centre for Thriving Places it's designed to give a balanced and easily read ‘dashboard’ of information on the different elements that support places to thrive. It cuts across different policy areas and is structured to provide a holistic way of approaching different priorities. The data here will be included in the 2021 TPI.


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