Summary of request

This file contains monthly populations by age group, sex, and index of multiple deprivation (IMD) decile, England for the period January 2019 to August 2022.

These are the population denominators used in the calculation of age-standardised mortality rates by index of multiple deprivation and month in the Deaths due to COVID-19 by local area and deprivation tabulation, which is included in the Monthly Mortality Analysis publication.

These figures are provisional and are based on population estimates and projections, rather than the finalised mid-year population estimates for small areas that are published annually. The monthly rates in 'deaths due to COVID-19 by local area and deprivation' adjust the populations to take into account the length of time observed and may therefore produce a higher rate, because the rate is effectively annualised.  The monthly adjustment method is explained in the Measuring the Data section of the Monthly Mortality Analysis bulletin.

Finalised mid-year population estimates for small areas in England and Wales, 2021, will be published in late 2023. When a publication date is finalised it will be announced via our release calendar.


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