This is an interactive guide and tool for exploring some of the origin-destination data published for Census 2021.

Origin-destination data show the movement of people from one location to another, such as migration and commuting patterns. It is sometimes known as "flow data".


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic strongly affected patterns of population movement. Census day was 21 March 2021, when lockdown restrictions were in force in the UK.

Using the tool

Choose between visualised flows for:

  • Migration flows - Movement from address 12 months prior to census day
  • Workplace flows - Usual residence and place of work

You can also switch direction to see aggregated movements to and from an area.

The tool is also embeddable for use in external websites. A link is provided within the guide article.

Get the data

You can download the data used in this tool, along with a wider range of origin-destination datasets, from Nomis. You can read more about these datasets and how to use them in the User guide to Census 2021 origin-destination data. Main findings about this data can be found in the origin-destination data bulletin.