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  • Overall engagement and completion rates by treatment group

    Dataset | Released on 13 February 2020

    The proportion of selected households that engaged with the survey (by logging into it) and responded to the survey (by completing it), by treatment group.
  • Comparison with other sources

    Dataset | Released on 13 February 2020

    Comparison of basic demographic information achieved by the survey against other similar sources.
  • Data quality indicators

    Dataset | Released on 13 February 2020

    Metrics used to give an indication of data quality between our test’s groups. This includes whether documentation was used and what proportion of respondents rounded their answers. Unit and item non-response are also reported.
  • Questionnaire breakoff

    Dataset | Released on 13 February 2020

    Breakoff as a percentage of those who entered the section for household and individual level questions.
  • Impact of survey materials on operational factors

    Dataset | Released on 13 February 2020

    Operational factors such as length of time taken to complete survey and how data were entered, by treatment group.
  • Generational income: the effects of taxes and benefits

    Dataset | Released on 21 August 2019

    The effects of direct and indirect taxation and benefits received in cash or kind on household income, across the generations and by age.

    Keywords: economy, income, generation, age, benefits

  • Persistent poverty in the UK and EU

    Dataset | Released on 6 June 2019

    Rates of poverty and persistent poverty in 2017 are included for the UK and EU, including characteristics, measures of material deprivation and well-being.

    Keywords: low income, deprivation, conditions, well-being

  • Effects of taxes and benefits on household income: historical household-level datasets

    Dataset | Released on 30 May 2019

    Main tables from the Effects of taxes and benefits on household income publication from 1977, including average incomes, taxes and benefits and household characteristics of all, retired and non-retired households in the UK by quintile and decile groups.

    Keywords: expenditure, inequality, disposible, income, equivilisation

  • Young people's earnings progression and geographic mobility, England and Wales

    Dataset | Released on 23 October 2018

    Supporting dataset using data from Census, Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and National Benefits Database. Tables contain data on earnings progression and geographic mobility from tax year ending 2012 to tax year ending 2016, broken down by characteristics such as age, sex, ethnicity, qualification level and local authority. The dataset also includes regression model output tables.

    Keywords: pay growth, local pay, low pay, sex, ethnicity

  • Nowcasting household income in the UK

    Dataset | Released on 25 July 2018

    Provisional estimates of income and inequality measures for financial year ending 2018, alongside historical data.

    Keywords: inequality, gini, income distribution, nowcast, median