Summary of request

Table showing average monthly expenditure with a split by disposable income group, in increments of £100 or multiples of £100, up to £10,000; also for households with a disposable income above £10,000.

Please note

An error has been identified in the Living Cost and Food (LCF) Survey which has been found to impact the Household expenditure at COICOP category level and for selected components, by disposable income group, UK, financial year ending 2018 data table. This affects, to a small degree, most estimates of average expenditure. The overall impact is that average weekly household expenditure in the UK is underestimated by around 0.5%, while the interpretation of the statistics remains the same.

The error was due to the imputation of data collected through a diary being incorrect for three quarters of the financial year in the LCF. Users should note this issue if using these data. We will correct this error as soon as possible, but no later than early 2020. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please contact LCF Enquiries for more information.