All data related to Coronavirus and the latest indicators for the UK economy and society: 2 July 2020

  • Business Impact of COVID-19 Survey (BICS) results

    Dataset | Released on 19 November 2020

    Responses from the new voluntary fortnightly business survey, which captures businesses’ responses on how their turnover, workforce prices, trade and business resilience have been affected in the two-week reference period.

    Keywords: COVID19, COVID 19, corona virus, coronavirus, industries, continuing trading, finances, business confidence, bics, BICS

  • Coronavirus and the social impacts on Great Britain

    Dataset | Released on 27 November 2020

    Indicators from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN) measuring the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on people, households and communities in Great Britain. Includes breakdowns by age, sex, underlying health condition, region and country.

    Keywords: COVID-19, COVID 19, COVID19, corona virus, health, society, well-being

  • Economic activity, faster indicators, UK

    Dataset | Released on 12 November 2020

    The datasets associated with the Faster indicators of UK economic activity research output.

    Keywords: economy, VAT, traffic, ship, indicators

  • Online job advert estimates

    Dataset | Released on 26 November 2020

    Experimental job advert indices covering the UK job market.

    Keywords: vacancies, jobs, adverts, employment

  • Online price changes for high-demand products

    Dataset | Released on 20 August 2020

    The online price changes of selected high-demand products (HDPs) dataset. These data are experimental estimates developed to deliver timely indicators to help understand the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Keywords: economy, faster indicators, high demand products, prices online

  • Weekly shipping indicators

    Dataset | Released on 26 November 2020

    The weekly shipping indicators dataset associated with the faster indicators of UK economic activity Research Output.

    Keywords: economy, trade, ship, maritime, marine