Earlier this year, we set out how we were improving our statistical releases to meet user demand for more summarised insight and ensure we could increase both the breadth of topics we cover and the volume of analytical products.

We moved some of our headline releases into shorter and sharper formats – focusing in on the main messages and the most important trends. We have continued to expand the range of analysis around the ongoing impact of the pandemic and wider changes in the economy, environment and society.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is committed to ensuring data and analysis gets into the public domain in a timely fashion with value and quality at the heart of our production practices.

Given the volume of data and analysis we need to release before the end of the year we will continue to evolve our portfolio, using the maximum flexibility we can in our release plans and adapting some products in the short-term.

That will mean some pre-announced publications may be rescheduled while others might be shortened, focusing on key figures and trends, or move to data-only releases.

This will mean we can accommodate more time-sensitive analysis and data in our release plans before the end of the year.
Any changes to our release plans will be highlighted in our Release Calendar on individual products. Products that have to be rescheduled will be announced. We do not expect they will have to move back significantly, or that the timeliness and value of the data will be impacted.

All of our changes are guided by the Code of Practice and the three tenets of trustworthiness, quality and value. As products evolve, we will continue to ask for user feedback, use website analytics and iterate.

Users can email content.design@ons.gov.uk with any comments or questions about how our publications are evolving.