The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is committed to providing the public, businesses and policymakers with the best possible data and insight.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be making changes to some of our products to ensure we are providing the most compelling, valuable and engaging publications.

These changes have been led by user feedback and use of our website during a period when we are publishing more than ever before.

In 2020, we published more than 600 bulletins and 600 articles, an almost 100% rise on 2019.

Feedback from our users has been overwhelmingly positive. 9 in 10 people told us that the last coronavirus (COVID-19) publication they had read met all or most of their needs, while 8 in 10 said the publication they were reading was easy to understand.

But we need to do more. Users have told us they want more summarised information, more insight which is at-a-glance, with main messages prioritised and important methodological information easy to understand.

We will be increasing the breadth of topics we cover as well as the volume of analytical products, where we combine the most valuable data sources, providing essential insight through engaging narratives and articles.

Some of our headline releases will be shorter and sharper – focusing in on the main messages and the most important trends.

As we improve our products, we will be canvassing feedback, using website analytics and iterating as we go.

Comments and questions about how our publications are evolving can be sent to